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Kate Staron

Kate Staron ready to create, learn and write

I’m Kate Staron, and I’m on a journey to build my creativity, learn what I can while helping others learn as well, and follow my passion of writing. As I add to this site, I hope to give you resources, thought provoking articles, and practical exercises to help you create, learn and write.

This site will meander through

  • Creativity
  • Learning and teaching
  • Writing

I hope you will join my on my journey. If you are interested in my writing and instructional design services please have a look at the Services page.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Kate Staron’s Place on the Web

  1. Hi Kate
    A marvelously intriguing yet familiar combination — teaching and learning. And a great one! We never stop learning and some of the best ‘accelerants’ appear at first as the least likely. I learned more about journalism while teaching it than in the previous decade as a journalist — one who as a ‘cub reporter’ professed strongly he’d never write a book, fiction or non-fiction. Well, now I’ve done two novels and am working on a third. Life is full of delightfully rewarding surprises!

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